CAHRMA Membership Benefits:
Membership in the association offers:

  • A local forum for your personal and professional development;
  • Opportunities to develop leadership and public speaking skills;
  • Networking opportunities with other HR professionals in your area;
  • Opportunities to stay current on recent legislative changes;
  • Timely program topics and training opportunities;
  • Opportunities to share your expertise with your peers.

CAHRMA Membership Options:
General Members  
General Members are individuals who are engaged in the profession of human resources management and who meet one of the following criteria: Possess at least three years of exempt-level human resource management experience; or are accredited by the Human Resource Certification Institute; or are faculty members holding assistant, associate or full professional rank in human resource management or any of its specialized functions at an accredited college or university and have at least three years of experience at this level of teaching. General Members may vote and hold office in the Chapter.

Associate Members  Associate Members are individuals in non-exempt human resource management positions, plus persons who do not meet the qualifications of the other classes of membership but can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Membership Committee a bona fide interest in human resource management and in the purposes of the chapter. Associate Members may not vote or hold office in the Chapter, but may sit on ad-hoc committees.

Student Members  Student Members are individuals who are students of human resource management of at least the junior level at a college or university. Student Members may not vote or hold office in the Chapter, but may sit on ad-hoc committees.

CAHRMA Membership Dues:
Membership dues 
are $185 per year. Dues must be paid no later than the end of the first quarter each year, to remain active on the CAHRMA roster. 

Organizations that sponsor three or more employees to join CAHRMA, will receive the discounted rate of $155 per year.  Memberships with CAHRMA are non-transferrable.

To encourage new membership, the Board waived membership dues for 2017.

How to Join CAHRMA:
The most effective and efficient way to apply for membership is through our on-line application form below.  Once your application is received, it will be routed to the Board of Directors for review and consideration for membership. 

Once a decision has been made, you will be notified by the chapter Membership Chair of your membership status, along with pertinent new member information.  Please take note that depending on when your application is received, and the date of the next board meeting, it could take up to 4-6 weeks before the application may be processed.  Please be patient with our process, we value each and every member of our association, and appreciate your desire to join us.