Visitor’s Information

If you are currently not a member of CAHRMA, you may want to consider attending one of our regular chapter meetings to:

  • Hear a speaker who is presenting a program you are interested in; or
  • To meet and speak with our chapter members, to help you decide if membership in our organization may be beneficial to you.

To attend one of our meetings, you must register on-line through this site. Registration opens for each quarterly meeting approximately 10 days before the meeting, and ends at 5 pm the Thursday prior to the meeting.

The cost for attending is $15.  Your meal is included.  Submit your registration during the registration period of the meeting you are interested in, by clicking on the “Register Now!” link next to the program title.  If you do not see the link, registration may not yet be open.  Please be sure to check back.

You may pay with check, cash, or money order for your lunch on the day of the event.  Sorry, we cannot accept credit or debit cards.  All documents should be made payable to “CAHRMA”. Please keep in mind that not all meetings will be open to the general public.  During the month of June there is no meeting. There may also be meetings that are marked “members only”.

Chapter bylaws prohibit attending meetings for the purpose of soliciting our membership.  If you are a product or service provider, please do not violate the terms of our bylaws by attempting to solicit our members while attending one of our functions.  Your adherence to this requirement is greatly appreciated.

For questions about CAHRMA, or if you need assistance with registration or would like to request an accommodation, please contact the CAHRMA board at

Thank you for your interest in CAHRMA. We would be delighted to meet you!